The day started at the iconic bandstand, located on Brighton Beach. Soon after, the groom arrived with some of his family and slowly guests drifted along, whilst I captured lots of candid shots, as they started to take their seats on the bandstand.

In the distance I could see the bride, with her bridesmaids, walking along the seafront, I positioned myself perfectly to capture them moving towards me. The bridesmaids took up their position on the bandstand, as the bride with her niece slowly moved on to the bandstand, through the beautiful flowers adorning the balustrade.

The service was lovely, very relaxed with lots of laughter, making it a real joy to photograph.

Lots of couple, group and family shots proceeded, culminating with an amazing group shot of everyone looking down at me from the bandstand, as I clicked away from down below.

Guests then started to drift off, leaving just me and the newly married couple, so I could capture some amazing images of the two of them on the bandstand, then actually on the beach, as well as using the remains of the West Pier, as a backdrop.

The reception was due to take place in central Brighton, so I walked with the couple to the reception, capturing lots of shots at various iconic locations along the way. On arrival at the restaurant, the drinks were already flowing, and as the couple approached, I took images, as they passed through the confetti arch.

Drinks continued to flow, as couples chatted and laughed, whilst I moved around clicking away. The couple had decided to proceed with the speeches, pre the dinner, so I managed to get some fabulous shots of the speech makers, as well as the rest of the wedding party watching on.

After dinner the party vibe really kicked in, as the couple took to the dancefloor for their first dance, followed by many of the guests then joining them.

To keep with the fun & cool vibe the couple wanted, they had provided a massive frame with an array of props, so I spent a while getting some really fun photos of many of the guests, in a multitude of wigs, comic glasses and various other props, which really kept the energy going.

Then it was back to the dancefloor, where I moved around, in time to the music, grabbing as many candids as possible, before finishing up for the day.

The whole day was one of fun and laughter, something that I feel the happy couple wanted to achieve, which certainly they & their guests definitely made happen.