As a wedding photographer, I think I am one of the luckiest people to be able to do a job that I really love. It’s an honor to be asked by couples to be part of their big day. One area that I really enjoy photographing is pictures of “the little ones”. 


If I say so myself, then one of my skillsets is the ability to get children to listen to me and therefore get amazing shots of them. It’s not always easy but somehow they just do, maybe it’s my inner child. 


My advice and what I tend to do is get the child alone or in a small group, away from everything that's going on and just make it fun. The great thing with kids, is that they have none or very little inhibitions, so as long as your photographer makes it enjoyable, they will remain engaged. 


The result of doing this, is you end up with some really cute, adorable photographs, that when you look back on the day, they will melt most people's hearts. It will also give you lots of ammunition to tease them with when they hit those milestone birthdays in later life. 


A Wedding At Micklefield Hall

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Fran and Fraser’s wedding at the beautiful Micklefield Hall in Rickmansworth. This is the first time I have photographed a wedding at this venue and I hope it’s the first of many as the grounds, barn and ceremony...